Friday, October 25, 2013

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Pops of Color in Accessories

Bright tones of traditional fall colors....
I made a trip to the fall mini-market this weekend at the Dallas Market Center. There are always so many great things to see and this trip was no exception - especially when it came to accessories. A tight economy doesnt have to mean that freshening up your interior is on hold. Adding great color with accessories is always an economical way to give your home a high impact update. 

This chartreuse green was EVERYWHERE! Love it!
Great pottery and tableware in contemporary and traditional forms and color, natural elements such as seed balls and moss, and mixing textures were predominate themes. 

Turquoisey blue - especially mixed with chocolatey browns is still hot.
 Grouping a collection of these great pieces can give your decor an affordable, fresh look. 

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