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Being in the hospital

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Being in the hospital... 

Today I am sharing with all of you a story from the heart. You know life throws at you punches that cant always be explained or even justified but on the week of the 21st I completely lost sight in my right eye. You can imagine what it feels like to wake up and be blind out of one eye.. All of the sudden your whole life is flashed before your eyes.. WOW what do you do.. If you live in Miami you go to the number one eye care hospital in the world.. The Bascom Palmer Eye Institute located in the University of Miami Medical School and the number one eye care hospital in the united states since 2009 every year according to US World and News Reports annual listing of hospitals, the AAA of hospital rankings. 

University of Miami Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Once I got there all doctors were stumped on the problem, not having any clue as to what was causing this problem.. After what appeared to be hundreds of tests still nothing could explain what was going on.. It was then that a DR asked if I had ever had Syphilis and my answer was no, I had never had this disease.. Well they decided to test for what is known as Neuro Syphilis a disease that develops out of Syphilis that is untreated and eventually converts itself into this new deadlier form of syphilis that attacks the eyes, internal organs, and eventually the brain..  The only way to see if its in the brain is through a Spinal Tap, and for those of you that do not know, this is not a pleasent procedure and requires hospitalization.. Well from one day to the next I was now going to be admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital for what I was told would be 14 days of treatment.. So it began

Jackson Memorial: A Truly World Class Institution

As I arrived at Jackson I had nightmares thinking this was not the best hospital or that it would be a nightmare of a stay... Instead I was COMPLETELY PROVEN WRONG BY WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST COURTEOUS PROFESSIONAL STAFF I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED AT A HOSPITAL.. I was already impressed by the treatment received at the eye institute but at Jackson never in my life have I ever had such professional care and fast and speedy ER transition to my own private room with nurses and Doctors that one can only dream about in the ideal hospital setting which they not only were but everything I ever herd about them that was negative, went out the window.. I have never had such a good hospital experience or been better attended even at a 5 star resort. The staff was responsive, attentive, nice, kind, friendly, and every good adjective I could think of.. Never woiuld I have imagined such treatment at the public hospital in Dade county. They gave me tghe Jackson Card or a type of mediical insurance and I must of been visited by twenty different doctpors asking how I was and how my treatment was going.. 

The facilities were clean, impeccable, medication given on time, food was good for hospital food, always delivered on time, and well the staff, was just absolutely amazing, always introducing themselves, knocking t the door to be let in, not even once performing any procedure or common practice without informing you what was about to happen even the spinal tap which is an unpleasant procedure went fast and was not felt hardly at all...

After 5 days at Jackson Memorial which felt like a day no more, well rested and feeling much better I was discharged although I still had 20 days of IV injections to go.. They now have this program called infusion services that provides home IV care.. I was a little skeptical at first but I decided it was better to be home then in the hospital.. This program turned out to be first class.. Fast service (the medicine was at my house the day I was discharged) and reliable workers.. The next day the orientation nurse was at my house and today (day 2) the nurse already left and provided a new IV safely stored in my fridge and reset the pack which is potable and given through a Jackson placed IV pack in my arm which was not felt and provides a way to give IV fluids and take blood without the need to puncture any more veins.



I still have a ways to go.. Over 20 days of treatments and daily checkups at Bascom Palmer, another one today before 2:00 PM and then to settle all the insurance stuff (Jackson provided health insurance) and assistance through Social Security and many other avenues all opened up by Jackson Memorial.. I honestly can only report on my experience but This has been truly world class and professional. A big thumbs up to this hospital...

All in all a completely unexpected serious disease was made a lot easier by the people and professional staff of a truly world class Hospital.. Jackson Memorial Hospital..and of course the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute....

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