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How to choose Best DTH 2013 in India

Today when government has strictly banned analog cable tv and emphasized for digitalization, almost all network providers have launched their DTH with advanced features. DTH operators are now stable in the market.
DTH service

All new operators using MPEG 4 technology while TATA SKY and DISH TV is using MPEG 2 compression technology.But they are having MPEG 4 ready STBs, so when shifting to MPEG 4, they will  can easily broadcast their services.

All DTH operators now offering HD channels on their platform, Videocon offering maximum HD channels.
So if your telivision is HD supported, you much go for HD set top box .
So with the time all DTH are adding new features, new technology, new channels to their plateform. Now question in mind arise  what is the best DTH in market ?? what DTH  you should go for ??

Actually the demand of DTH depending upon your requirements, your budget and your demanding channels.

Here i am giving a small comparison among these DTH operators to help you to chose your best one with the advantages and disadvantages of each of the DTH service.


I find Airtel digital tv best in all manner, because it have super picture and audio quality, which must be most prefrable feature while choosing DTH.
Now because Airtel is shifted to new satellite that is SES7, so it have more number of transponders, so it can add more numbers of channel to their platform.

  • ADTV offers truly DVD quality picture and CD quality sound (best audio quality.. awesome)
  • Packages and prices are good (Divided well for south and rest of India customers)
  • Universal remote (same remote for your Tv and STB first time in India)
  • STB software is very good
  • ADTV has less rain fed issue comparing to other DTH.
  • Presently offering maximum True HD channels

  • Disadvantage of ADTV  is its interactive services, not able to provide good interactive services to customer ,Recently ADTV added some more interactive services, hope it will add more services and features soon.
  • Switching between two channels is bit slow


Tata sky added all new famous channel to its boutique, and offers top picture and audio quality.

  • Good picture and sound quality
  •  Lots of interactive services as active English, active cooking, active wizkids, active darshan and lots more
  • Good STB software and performance
 Only disadvantage is its package and pricing - Tata sky is costlier than other service provider. New packages(True choice package) launched are good but still not satisfactory

  • BIG TV(Reliance Digital Tv) picture and sound quality is awesome, can say best in all DTH
  • packages and prices are good
  • lots of own paid movie channels                                    
  • less rain fade issue
BIG TV  has not a single disadvantage, having lots
  • one is its irritating large logo, which is not transparent
  • Software problem... not a good EPG(electronic program guide)
  • Hanging problem of STB
  • Incorrect package activation and bad customer service


  • Biggest advantage of dish TV is its Lesser cost.
  • packages and pricing are too good( cheapest in all dth )
  • same satellite of dd dth and dish TV, so all free to air channels of dd dth is also available for dish tv customer
  • Software of STB is very good, switching speed between channels is pretty fast
  • Picture and sound quality is not good
  • worst customer support
  • Activation process is too slow


  • Advantage of sun direct is that it consists all sun and other south channels , which are popular in south India .For rest of ndia customers it is adding channels to its bouquet
  • Picture and sound quality is good
but still it needs a time to occupy rest of India market.


Newly launched videocon gaining customers by and by, due to its packages cost, also using MPEG-4 technology

  • picture and audio quality good
  • channels are available at less price, package and price good
  • maximum number of channels are available
  • maximum number of HD channels available (max  number when it launched but Now Airtel digital tv have maximum HD channels)
  • customers reporting pixelation problem sometime
  • STB software is not Good


DD Direct Plus is India’s first and only DTH service that offers its services absolutely free of cost. No monthly subscriptions to be paid when you are with DD Direct Plus.

  • one time payment only for hardware                                       

  • only dd channels and some private fta channels are available, popular private channels are not available.
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